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"I now have the most special and loving cat"

"My experience with ICR was fantastic. My beautiful 14-year-old cat Ella had passed away following ill health. I knew I wanted to give another cat a home but I was devastated. I knew my other cat Archie needed a companion as he gets stressed when alone, so although I was unsure it was the right time for me, I knew I had to move fast for Archie. I messaged ICR and they mentioned Aurelia but the grief then hit me hard the next day, and I changed my mind as was convinced it was too early. 


My emotions were all over the place and Ashlea was really understanding.


In the end, I decided that if one good thing was going to come from Ella's passing then it was offering another cat a home. When Aurelia arrived she was really scared and was quite angry! She growled. She attacked. She was terrified. I thought it may take months to settle her but I spent lots of time in her safe room and over the next week I won her over!


I now have the most special and loving cat I have ever met. Everything is exciting to her, she treats everything we do like it is the best adventure ever, and she craves attention. Aurelia is obsessed with my other cat Archie, and he adores her - they have become quite the unit, and adore each other.


It feels like Aurelia has always been here and I can't believe it is less than four months. She hasn't replaced Ella but she has created her own pocket of love in my heart. I wouldn't be without her.


Oh - and she's a TOTAL lapcat."

Si | Aurelia's Human - See her story here

"The best cat rescue I've encountered"

ICR are honestly the best charity/rescue that I’ve encountered. Their cats are fully vaccinated, and have flea/worm treatment, neutering and full health checks before arriving at their new homes. They are also socialised and made to feel like the kings and queens that they are!

I really liked the adoption process and recommendations/ home checks that they provide. It made me feel so confident that they match the right cats with their adopted families and they vet the families really well. 

Elizabeth | Stormy's Human - See his story here

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