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We've successfully rehomed over 300 cats since we began our journey at Independent Cat Rescue Prestwich. Below are just a few of the cats we've matched up with their ideal home.


Aurelia (was Luna) was brought to ICR after her previous owners decided they no longer wanted her.


Struggling to trust people again, it took her a while to come around to being petted and showing affection but through the commitment of the team at ICR, she eventually came to love snuggles and is very sociable with her humans.

It took a while for Aurelia to settle in her new home given her history but 6 months on, she is completely content and has become a great companion to Archie who already lived with her human. 



Stormy ended up at ICR after being sold on Gumtree as he wasn't compatible with his owners young child.


He was quickly snapped up after showing off his mischevious and playful nature on the ICR rescue page and is incredibly friendly and sociable.


Stormy loves other cats (especially his brothers, Joe and Bear) and all other animals and every human that comes to the house gets a kiss on the lips from Stormy! 


Juno (was Ebony) was found under some rubble with her mum and siblings at just 4 weeks old. As the smallest of the litter, she required some hand-feeding to ensure she was getting the calories she needed.

She found her furr-ever home at 6 months old and loves to talk to her human all day long, snooze on the sofa and chatter at the birds from the windowsill.

Juno had a few mild stomach problems post-adoption but ICR were on hand to offer continual support and advice.



Kismet was rescued after being found pregnant and starving. Having lived as a stray for 6 months, she was already carrying her first litter and scavenged for food trying to survive.

Because she was so malnourished, her litter had to be aborted to give her the best chance of survival. ICR had her spayed and patiently nurtured her back to health.

After just a month at ICR she was ready for adoption and now lives  in a home with a garden so she is free to come and go as she pleases. She loves to curl up and sleep on her owners chest all night long knowing she is safe and loved.

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